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Welcome to the Pilates Artistry Teacher Training Program!

Created and designed by Erin Johnson, the Pilates Artistry Training Program is a comprehensive Pilates assessment-based program drawing from many lineages of Pilates and integrating intensive anatomical study, biomechanics, visual skills and hands-on cueing. The program teaches the Classical Pilates exercises through the lens of anatomy with particular attention to anatomy and injury prevention. The Pilates Artistry program strives to educate extremely efficient and con-fident teachers who will become leaders in our industry. 

In the Mat Training Instructor Program, you will hone your body awareness, cultivate your knowledge of the Pilates repertoire, human anatomy, and learn to teach to a variety of skill levels. Equipment plays a significant role in the Pilates repertoire, but at the heart of it all is the mat series. Joseph Pilates designed the mat series, Contrology, in order for modern man to Return to Life. He noticed that the further our technological advancements became, the more disconnected we became from our nature.


100 HOURS TOTAL (including final exam)

• Attend all classes (24 hours)

• Complete 25 hours student teaching

• Complete 30 hours of personal practice (self-led)

• Complete 7 hours of practice (instructor-led)

• 10 hours of homework

• Complete all homework assignments

• Attend the test on the test date (approximately 4 hours)

• Achieve passing score of 70% or higher on written and practical final exam


Upon passing your final exam, you will earn a diploma from the mat instructor training program at The Pilates Artistry Training & Education

Your exam will be broken into 3 sections:

1. 30 minutes of practice teaching a client privately

2. The group teaches one at a time the whole mat routine in succession 

3. Written test: history of Pilates, anatomy, mix-match, and essay designing a program for a client randomly assigned to you.


Mat Tuition $1300

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