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Erin Johnson, Owner, Pilates Artistry

*Prerequisite for comprehensive training

This shortened course will explore the fundamental concepts of anatomy that a Pilates, yoga, or movement instructor needs to know as the basis of their knowledge of the body. We will learn the basics of the musculoskeletal system, an overview of the fascial system and an introduction to the peripheral nervous and vestibular systems. We will highlight the connections between the upper body and lower body. This class will explore what the core truly means and how it relates to the spine and to movement. We will consider the relationship between the diaphragm, the psoas, multifidus, the abdominals, and the pelvic floor. Students will gain an rough understanding of the myofascial slings (anterior oblique, posterior oblique and posterior longitudinal) and how they affect functional movement.

We will begin at the micro level of human anatomy as delve into the structure of bones, muscles, and fascia, and will wind up at the macro level “putting it all together.” We learn to think about and discuss the body as an organism and not a machine. The course aims to provide the building blocks for a deep understanding of the human body.

Course Objectives

•    Develop an anatomical vocabulary

•    Create a rudimentary understanding of the musculoskeletal system

•    Understand the myofascial “lines” and “slings” (Vleeming and Myers)

•    Learn the importance of stability and tensegrity

•    Create a framework for future learning with a holistic model

•    Discover the body as a complex organism from the spine outward

Earlier Event: September 30
Teacher Training Open House
Later Event: January 20
Mat Class w/Anula Maiberg