World-Class Trainers


All of our trainers have gone through a minimum of 450-hours training, which means they’ve been trained in anatomy, physiology, and the comprehensive Pilates programming. We value continuing education and all of our teachers are constantly pursuing learning opportunities to enhance their teaching.They understand that no two bodies are alike and are equipped to work with all learning styles.

Erin Lauer Johnson

Studio Owner/Director

Erin Lauer Johnson has been a practicing Pilates since the birth of her daughter Riley in 2001. She has been a Pilates teacher since 2008, and is now a teacher of teachers. Erin is a PMA® Certified Pilates Teacher and a Kathy Grant Heritage Training® graduate. She enjoys the artistry and mindfulness that Pilates creates in every individual. Her passion is bringing awareness and vitality to others through Joseph Pilates’ method.

She completed her 400-hour Comprehensive Teacher Training certification through a small local studio and has since completed over 300 more hours of training. Erin has had the pleasure of learning from a variety of outstanding teachers including Madeline Black, Cara Reeser, Irene Dowd, Karen Clippinger and Deborah Lesse. Erin's pursuit of education allows her to teach Pilates safely to clients with a variety of spinal pathologies, shoulder injuries, hip, knee, and ankle injuries, disc injuries, postnatal issues, sports related injuries, and asymmetries. After completing the Kathy Grant Heritage Training® with Cara Reeser in 2016, Erin considers herself a movement coach. She is excited about collaborating with her clients to produce beautiful, healthy bodies that can move well.

Erin also holds a B.A. in Communications from Loyola University. When she is not teaching, Erin takes circus classes at Aloft Loft Chicago. Currently, she is studying trapeze, lyra, straps, and handstands.


Jillian Kobow

Jillian has always loved sports and athletics. At 10-years-old she started playing competitive ice hockey and was first introduced to Pilates a few years later by way of her mother’s Windsor Pilates video tapes. Throughout college she continued to play competitive hockey, but balanced the intense training with mat Pilates and Yoga. After graduating from the University of St. Thomas with a BA in Psychology Jillian took her first Reformer class and was hooked!  Jillian loved the positive way Pilates made her body feel, and hopes to share that feeling with all of her students. In 2016 Jillian started the 600-hour Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training program with Pilates Artistry and graduated in September 2017.  Jillian loves working with all different body types to increase strength and prevent injury by improving body mechanics from the stresses of everyday life.  When Jillian is not teaching Pilates, she is hanging out with her dog, Hanz, exploring Chicago’s neighborhoods on bike, and traveling. 

Steven Zarzecki

Kinesthetic experience has always been a part of Steven’s life. An athlete turned dancer, he acquired a BFA in Dance from the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee in 2011. There he began many somatic practices such as Alexander Technique and Pilates to supplement dance training. Dancing in NYC, and craving more knowledge about moving healthier himself, led Steven to the Kane School of Core Integration at Kinected where he completed his Pilates Certification. A recent transplant to Chicago, he is looking forward to sharing the incredible movement experience Pilates offers with his clients. As a teacher, Steven assists individuals work through change and prides himself in being able to provide the gift of acquiring a deeper connection and knowledge of their own body and physical needs. Steven is fortunate to have the opportunity to join the diverse team at Pilates Artistry and continue his career as a movement professional in Chicago.


Bethany Patterson

Growing up in San Antonio, Texas, Beth Patterson's love of movement and kinesthetic awareness developed from a young age. She started practicing Pilates as a supplement to her ballet training. After moving to Chicago to dance professionally with Ballet 5:8, she started training to become a teacher and graduated from Erin Johnson's Pilates Artistry Comprehensive Training Program in September 2017. Beth began her dance training at Ballet Conservatory of South Texas under the direction of Catherine Batcheller. She later moved to North Carolina to study at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts and then to New York to study intensively at SLK Ballet with Sara Knight. After graduating from ballet school, Beth moved to Chicago to dance with Ballet 5:8 as a company artist.