We offer small, customized classes for different skill and ability levels. Some classes are athletic in nature, others are designed for specialty populations, or pre- and post-natal, and pre- and post-rehabilitation.

We limit our class size to 4 people per class so everyone can get the individual attention they need. Each class is taught Pilates mat work, Reformer, Chair, Tower, and barrels. The classes rotate apparatus each week so participants become well-versed in all of the exercises. 

Each participant is required to take 10 private sessions before joining a group class (unless adequate Pilates experience can be demonstrated).


Steel mace workouts are the epitome of functional training. Steel Mace Training improves sports performance like no other fitness tool.

Functional (aka Athletic) training purposely demands balance and body awareness during training through the use of unilateral exercises. Functional training requires controlled amounts of instability so that the participant must react in order to regain their own stability.

By design, functional training makes use of single leg and arm movements that demand balance to properly develop muscles. 

It’s the same concept and effect when training with the steel mace due to its uneven weight distribution. 

The steel mace won’t allow you to cheat like many other tools. It won’t give you the option to move your upper body in a rigid fashion. Instead, you'll move in a fluid motion with your upper body as you begin to do things like trunk rotation or foot pivots. Steel mace training is great for developing good rhythmic movement, needed for actions like throwing a ball or sprinting. Steel mace training is also great for stability and coordination, so you can handle high impact without losing balance and momentum. 


For those new to TriYoga and for those who want to strengthen their core alignments. Basics is the foundation for all classes. All levels welcome. 

The characteristics of the five elements are experienced through the systematized series of TriYoga Flows. All levels welcome. 

Earth Flow 

By using the earth as a point of reference, the earth flow sequence improves alignment awareness and develops strength and stability in the lower body. 

Water Flow 

The water flow sequence introduces the unique wave-like spinal movements of TriYoga, and promotes strength in upper body, back and core. 

Fire Flow 

Kapalabhati (Fire Breath) increases endurance during the fire flow sequence that generates heat for a longer, deeper experience of the standing poses. 

Air Flow 

Done at the wall, the air flow sequence focuses on inversions that will begin to direct energy upwards towards the higher energy centers and promote balance in the endocrine system. All levels welcome. 


In this 6-week class series you will learn naturally progressive breath and movement-based grounding techniques that will help you to feel at ease and relaxed in your body. Drawn from the yogic and “soft” martial arts traditions (such as thai chi and qigong), these simple techniques can be used anywhere to help calm the mind and increase vitality. 

Each class is comprised of gentle movements to ground the body, guided exercises to build mental focus and concentration, and breathwork techniques to hone body-breath awareness. Because both breathwork and movement are explored in each session, this class is perfect for those with "busy minds" who typically find it hard to settle in to meditation.

Wear loose comfortable clothing or workout attire and prepare to be barefoot. Feel free to bring a yoga mat, although one is not required.  Class is capped at 8 participants.

All classes are run on a 6-week session basis, so please inquire about signing up for the next session. Each 6-week session is $240. Occasionally, there are drop-in opportunities in a class.

Next 6-week Session Starts on June 16, 2019!