What We're All About

It is our mission to embody and impart the highest level of Pilates standards and professionalism to create joyous human experiences of movement. We are committed to safety and education. We provide an extensive breadth and depth of movement education for all backgrounds and demographics.  We are also a locally and nationally recognized provider of professional continuing education.  It is our belief that through educating members about their bodies’ potential, they will not only move better, but they will live happier, more fulfilled lives.


Alignment Matters • Alignment is not Posture. - Katy Bowman



“Breathing is the first act of life and the last, our very life depends on it.” - Joseph H. Pilates


One of the oldest body-mind methods originating in the Western world, offers a creative method for using imagination and mental processes to improve movement and posture.

We use imagery to affect better movement. This tradition, that goes all the way back to Mabel Todd (1874-1956), was developed and pioneered by Lulu Swiegard and Barbara Clark, and later by André Bernard and others. Sweigard borrowed the word ideokinesis, composed by two Greek words: ideo (thought) and kinesis (movement), from Bonpensière, a piano teacher, who applied imagery to his methodology. Ideokinesis can be translated roughly as "the image or thought as facilitator of movement".

Erin has learned the special imagery and technique of Kathleen Stanford Grant in the THE HERITAGE TRAINING®: A Post-Graduate Program for Pilates Professionals Taught by Cara Reeser.

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“Feet are tattletales. Every imbalance at higher levels shows unmistakenabley in feet and ankles.” - Ida Rolf

Erin is a Barefoot Training Specialist Level 1

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Pilates Artistry is a fully equipped boutique studio with:

  • Pilates matwork

  • Reformers

  • Wunda Chair

  • High Chair

  • Small Arm Chair

  • Cadillac & Tower

  • MOTR

  • High Barrel

  • Pilates Arc